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DT 11 oct 2018-2
Book on Gandhi released

Under the patronage of Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa ‘Gandhi … Arab and Islamic Issues’ written by Abdulnabi AlShoala was released.

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Information Affairs Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al Rumaihi ..

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Abdulnabi Alshoala Speeches in Weekly meeting in Rotary Club

Under the leadership of Narandra Modi, India-GCC relations will scale new heights

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Abdulnabi Alshoala ‘Developing’ A Future

The Alba roundabouts will be developed as a multi-level interchanges connecting AlEtiqlal highway to the Qatar causeway approach roads

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Abdulnabi Alshoala participate Invent in Bahrain Forum 2011

More than 100 delegates attended the Event in Bahrain in Bahrain Forum 2011

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Abdulnabi Alshoala New Delhi to bolster ties with GCC

The India and GCC are natural allies and emerging economic superpower is expected to engage more vigorously

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Abdulnabi Alshoala praised King’s Speech

The need to develop economic growth and boost job creation as well as encouraging investments

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Abdulnabi Alshoala ‘A Tribute to Non-Violence’

Leading peace advocates in Bahrain have called for non-violence as the right approach for conflict

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Prime Minister and Abdulnabi Alshoala Attended Lunch banquet

The Premier attending a lunch banquet hosted by his Thai counterpart Yingluck Shintawatra in his honor

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Abdulnabi Alshoala participate in Russia embassy 20th National Day celebration

Russian embassy celebrated the country 20th National Day yesterday at the Gilgamesh Hall

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Abdulnabi Alshoala & Dr.Hassan Fakhro Inaugurated institutes

Industry commerce Minister Dr.Hassan Fakhro yesterday two newmanfufacturing facilitries at

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Call to sign India-GCC FTA Soon

India and GCC should finalize the signing of the free trade agreement (FTA) between them in order to accelerate the process of their economic integration

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GCC,India Must join forces to combat terrorism

The GCC and India must forge a strategic partnership to jointly confront and fight terrorism Bahrain India society chairman Abdulnabi Al ٍShoala has stated

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International Patient Programme at Al Hilal

The Indian medical system is known not only for its efficiency but also for maintaining high standards and quality

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